Top 10 reasons why Bush visited India

10. The Whitehouse computer network was down and Indian engineers are held up without visas, so he had no choice but to go himself.
09. His administration had outsourced phone taping and he wanted to personally listen in on what was going on in the Whitehouse in his absence.
08. Just checking before entrusting the Indians with American ports.
07. Competition from India? “Sure, lemme tak’m on first”
06. He thought the best way for him to feel the loss of American jobs was to meet those having them.
05. He had heard that India had something better than the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.
04. After the Katrina fiasco he wanted to personally interview future FEMA staff.
03. With his term coming to an end in a couple of years he was just headed where the jobs are!
02. With his approval rating at 34% it was time to “cut and run”
01. It was a pre-emptive move after he saw Cheney wiping his gun.

Top 10 reasons for Dick Cheney’s shooting-gate

10. This was meant to be a warning for Iranian President Mr. Ahmadinejad!
9. He was preparing for a long battle over Iraq.
8. He saw Mr. Whittington watching Bin Laden’s video on his Ipod and thought he had his man.
7. He was sick of hearing Mr. Whittington complain about escalating medicare costs.
6. He was convinced by intelligence reports that Mr. Whittington was actually a duck.
5. He was under the influence of a lame duck President.
4. He was so frustrated after hunting for 8 hours with no success.
3. He had always dreamed of giving the US troops in Iraq a demo.
2. Now that Alito was on the Supreme Court he felt he could do whatever he wanted.
1. He was sure Mr. Whittington was carrying WMDs.

Top 10 signs you live in the Silicon Valley

10. At parties you no longer discuss startup ideas.
09. You are happy you have a job.
08. You can’t imagine life without a wireless LAN at home.
07. You already use Skype or have been planning to give it a try.
06. You are constantly debating about public vs private school for your kids.
05. You are forced to wonder what its like to live in Bangalore.
04. You are complaining about the hot weather even when you know that you enjoy the best possible weather on the planet.
03. Traffic is no longer one of your top complaints.
02. You got burnt (at least partly) in the dotcomm days.
01. Your worst nightmare — A real estate bubble!

Deep Throat: Top 10 reasons why now?

10. He was sick of seeing Bob Woodward raking in the moolah for three decades.

9. At 91, it was about time he collected his real retirement package.

8. He was encouraging the FBI to come out with the truth on Iraq.

7. He was sick of hearing his grandson call him a “girlie-man”.

6. It was a pre-emptive strike before Al-Zawahri claims to be Deep Throat.

5. He saw Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. ad and had a change of heart (oops it was a heart attack!)

4. He heard that the Bush administration was planning to attack Iran because they had evidence that Deep Throat was living in Iran.

3. He had a Reagan moment.

2. Someone introduced him to President Bush as Deep Throat, the President said, “mmhh…that’s a nice name, never heard that before!”

1. Mark “Felt” it was time he finally took his own advice to follow the money!

Michael Jackson

Check out this news report about the quotes from Jackson — ready made fodder for the late night talk show hosts! I hope this case is over once and for all. The media is nuts to be covering this on the front page every single day for god knows how long!

New Pope

I was surprised at the euphoria over the announcement of the new Pope. Radio and TV networks dropped regular programming to focus on the announcement. I was really surprised that NPR dropped its morning program to report live on the announcement. Its possible that media acted in a similar fashion in Europe, or at least parts of it. I can understand a quick announcement followed by return to regular programming, but this was not the case! Maybe this is an extension of the red states-blue states split facing the US, maybe the majority are in favor of this from the media.