India vs Sri Lanka

India won thanks to Dravid (so what’s new about it!). No sign of trying Venugopal Rao as an all rounder. Can’t see the point of having a batsman coming so low down the order if you don’t plan to use him as a bowler. Sounds like Raina is a favorite of Chappell and Dravid. Hopefully, he’ll deliver consistently. If he does, he can certainly seal his slot for the next World Cup.

In any case at least Dravid is consistent about using Sehwag as a bowler unlike Ganguly who had the habit using Sachin, Sehwag, Yuvraj and himself very infrequently. For instance, you’ll find Sachin bowling 10 overs in one match and not bowl at all for the next 3-4 games. Likewise for the others. Unless they are used regularly as bowlers we can’t count on them to play the role of the backup bowlers. Sounds like Dravid has firmed up on Sehwag as one of his backup bowlers.

The next match should be interesting with Ganguly back in the side probably at the expense of Raina, Venu Yuvraj or Kaif. Both Kaif and Yuvraj blew a good opportunity to cement their spot in the team. The WI match is hardly a test. The true test is against SL and particularly Muralitharan.

Cricket: Indian Oil Cup Opener

India start off the season with a “lousy” performance. I don’t understand the logic of playing Venugopal Rao in the all rounder slot and not being tried as a bowler. I guess the target was too small for the new captain to experiment. Thankfully he scored some runs to hold his spot at least for next match. With Laxman likely to come in the next match and Ganguly to follow in the one after, two slots from this team are sure to open up.

Jayasurya with a broken shoulder is good enough to stand up to the Indian bowling and take SL to victory. That speaks volumes about how pathetic our bowling is. As for the batting, Muralitharan is still a mystery for most Indian batsman (barring Sachin, Ganguly and Dravid).

At least for now I don’t see much change in India’s performance. The team is performing exactly as it did after the tour to Pakistan last year (2004).

Google’s Add Content

Check out Google’s Add Content feature on the Google customizable home page. Pretty neat stuff. Slowly but surely Google’s customizable home page is heading towards becoming an improved more hip My Yahoo clone. Its funny how Google started of with search and is slowly incorporating all the generic portal features but with their own clever spin: free email, customizable home page, maps etc. etc.

The India ODI team: First Signs of Greg Chappel’s influence?

VVS opening in one day games. Suresh Raina, Venugopal Rao two definite World Cup 2007 prospects in the Indian team. JP Yadav for the all-rounder spot. The end of Agarkar? — Sounds like Chappel had something to do with these changes? I suspect that with VVS opening, Dhoni might be retained for the slog in the last 15 overs. Something India has always struggled with.

Badani and Sriram (in particular) must be wondering what more they need to do to return.

Top 10 signs you live in the Silicon Valley

10. At parties you no longer discuss startup ideas.
09. You are happy you have a job.
08. You can’t imagine life without a wireless LAN at home.
07. You already use Skype or have been planning to give it a try.
06. You are constantly debating about public vs private school for your kids.
05. You are forced to wonder what its like to live in Bangalore.
04. You are complaining about the hot weather even when you know that you enjoy the best possible weather on the planet.
03. Traffic is no longer one of your top complaints.
02. You got burnt (at least partly) in the dotcomm days.
01. Your worst nightmare — A real estate bubble!

BJP headed for a split?

The differences between the hardliners in the BJP and those in the Advani camp who aspire to embrace a more moderate veneer are increasing by the day. I think its only matter of time before the split in the party occurs. At the present time there is little sign of unity and no sign whatsoever of the next line of leadership emerging and gaining control of the party and crafting its future. As the Congress govt is cruising along in its second year in power, the BJP in its current form appears to be headed towards self-destruction.

Ashes First Test: England disappoints

Its pity that England barely put up a fight chasing 420 in the last innings. England needed a Rahul Dravid to play the anchor role!

Vaughan is hopelessly out of form and I suspect might end up in “Ganguly” mode as the Ashes progresses. Flintoff’s batting form is in bad shape too. Pieterson has sealed his position with two fine knocks. The Aussies have proved once again that they are an incredibly strong test side. I’ll be surprised if they loose even one test this series.

John Roberts: President Bush’s master stroke

The Democrats were all geared up for tet another battle as President Bush was ready to announce his Supreme Court nominee. With the selection of John Roberts, President Bush has foxed his opponents once again. A virtual unknown, the Democrats are going to have a hard time digging up dirt on this candidate. The conservative groups appear to be pretty happy with this choice too. In short, President Bush has kept his base happy and made life hard for his oppenents.

At present it looks unlikely that fighting John Roberts candidacy will win them any political mileage. It might be prudent for the Democrats to pass on this battle and instead go after the Karl Rove controversy.

Ashes: First Test

Man, what a start to the Ashes! Wonderful days play. I hope the series remains as engaging! I never expected England to bowl so well. The comeback by the Aussiesis is quite typical. McGrath is a genius. 500+ wickets and the guy is still so brilliant.

It will be really cool start to the Ashes if Engaland manages a victory here, perhaps with some heroics from Pieterson! Dream on 🙂