Sachin Should Plan His ODI Exit

Both Dravid and Ganguly have been phased out of the ODI team in favor of youth. Sachin is the last of the veterans so to speak remaining in the side. It is unfortunate that both Dravid and Ganguly were not given a more formal send off from the ODI team. The Indian selectors and Sachin himself should ensure that the same fate does not befall Sachin. The timing is perfect for him to announce a formal withdrawal from the ODI side.
There is no question that MS Dhoni is a captain who appears to know exactly what he wants. Of late he has shown that he can have his way as well. The upcoming finals against Australia would a be perfect time for him to score a heavily and then make an announcement of his plans. Instead, if Sachin chooses to wait too long, Dhoni won’t hesitate to act. There is plenty of opening talent waiting in the wings to take on the opening slot in ODIs. This is not a reflection of Sachin’s form. He still has it in him to be successful in ODIs but the reality is that the man at helm believes in having younger players (and rightfully so!) and so far his strategy has paid off.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

3 thoughts on “Sachin Should Plan His ODI Exit”

  1. Did you know something we didn’t at the time 🙂 ? Good call on the heavy scoring. Hope it continues.


  2. You misunderstood. I am a huge fan of Sachin. I just think the selectors will conveniently send him the Dravid/Ganguly way if he doesn’t plan his exit. In fact, this is a perfect time. He has nothing to prove to anyone. What he deserves is a heroes exit.


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