India vs. England: Second Test Day 1

With intermittent rains cricket in England seems to be a permanent start-stop affair. Besides, playing under these conditions is a challenge in itself. Indian bowlers did well today to restrict England, though they could have done better if they had shown more consistency. When Zaheer bowls well, Sreesanth gives it away, when Ganguly bowls well RP gives it away and so the story goes. Different venue, different players, different times, but the predicament is frustrating similar. The story of Indian cricket. All in all, India appears to hold the upper hand at least until India’s famed batting line up caves in on day 2. Having restricted England on day 1, its obvious that India should wrap up the tail, notch up a decent lead and knock out England. But alas, India is not Australia.

If I were to guess, India would manage a small lead of around 50 runs and make this Test that much more interesting. Ultimately it appears as though the weather will hold the key in this Test match.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “India vs. England: Second Test Day 1”

  1. Let’s hope that India take leads of 100 runs in first inning and rain should away from this test and we watch some exciting cricket over next few days of play.


  2. 100 runs lead seems achievable now! Going by past experience and given the fact that the new ball is due, a batting crash is still very much on the cards.


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