Thailand: What after the Coup?

Now that there is a coup in Thailand what happens to Thaksin? Does he return or hang out here in the US or go to some other country. I would think that his assets back home are already frozen and he’d probably be arrested if he returned.

It is interesting that the guy is actually quite popular especially among the poor in Thailand. From press reports, it appears as though the “elite” in Thailand, the king and the army got together to boot him out. Return to democracy of any kind in the short term does not seem likely. Wonder where Thailand goes from here. Hopefully not another mess in the making. On second thoughts…they don’t have freedom or democracy, do they have oil in Thailand, btw? 🙂

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Thailand: What after the Coup?”

  1. Sounds unreal. The King (Bhumibhol Adulyatej) rarely gets involved in govt politics – one of the reasons he is held in high regard by the common man on the street. Could it be the military has taken the royals hostage and basically issued the statement? I guess not all Thais believe in the Middle Path. Prasad


  2. It is believed that the king was pretty upset with Thaksin because of corruption among other things. So it might be possible. If the King has not discreetly blessed this move, there might be more chaos in the offing.


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