Survival in the Bay Area

A friend of mine who was visiting from the south asked me the other day, “Man, with such high cost of living how does the non-tech crowd survive in this area?”. He was referring to those not directly involved with the high tech community — the barbers, the fast food workers and other min wage workers. Anyone know the answer?

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

3 thoughts on “Survival in the Bay Area”

  1. easy and abundant welfare, rent control, driving an uninsured vehicle, etc are ways by which many easily make their living in CA whilst not making a whole lot of dough.afterall, other than vehicle insurance and realty, CA (or Manhattan for that matter) is not significantly different from anywhereselse in the U.S. as far as most costs are concerned.


  2. Interesting. Is rent control everywhere in the bay area? I thought it is restricted to a few places like SF?


  3. one of city/state’s numerous (and sometimes redundant) govt. entities can likely answer your question…also realize 1) that Bay area has some seedy sections that most dont want to live (ergo rent may be cheap), 2) many old timers have lived there for years/decades and acquired property when it was cheap, and 3) rent control can also be self imposed (like many more living in an apt. limited to much fewer)


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