Jayasurya Quits, But Not Quite!

Sanath Jayasurya announced his retirement from Tests after the second Test against Pak. Firstly hats off to him for quitting while still in the Test team. He was dropped and then brought back to the Test team and he could not have chosen a better time to call it quits. One could argue that he should have quit earlier, but he is still very much a force though not to the extent that the world has known him to be. His biggest problem in recent times has been recurring injuries — his last Test being a prime example.

He has been a star performer for SL over the years and it would have been sad to see him go without a dignified farewell. The SL selectors deserve credit for facilitating this. Likewise, Jayasurya deserves credit for moving on without having to be axed for good.

I suspect he won’t make it to the World Cup though he has expressed his desire to retire completely from International cricket after the event. But the sad truth is that he is starting to fall apart with injuries and can be a huge liability to the SL team despite his unquestionable talent. If he does make it to the WC team, it will be a sad reflection on SL’s bench strength.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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