Richard Clarke is back with a new novel!

Remember Richard Clarke, the guy from the National Security Council who came out with a book that accused the Bush administration of negligence that resulted in 9-11? He is now into fiction writing! Check out his new book.

Sounds like he is putting his retirement to good use. It was not very long back (last year?) that his previous book was released and generated a lot of press (given its controversial nature). A second book in such a short time is quite an accomplishment (or he has a team of full time ghost writers!) .

First ODI: Ind vs SL

Apart from the fact that India won in style, here are a few aspects of the Indian approach that were interesting, impressive and bode well for the future.

1. Pathan at number 3: Its a move that worked. I just hope they don’t send him in at number 3 in every match. Remember India did the same with Agarkar a while back?

2. Yuvraj coming in ahead of Dravid: This was a very good sign of Dravid’s flexibility (or Chappell’s control).

3. Sreesanth’s return at the end: He wrapped up the tail and ended up with two wickets on debut. Great move to encourage the youngster. Hope he doesn’t become another Tinu Yohanan.

4. Dhoni as the finisher: This guy is the perfect fit for the last 10-15 overs. He has the ability to provide the momentum at the end. I am glad they have not made him a permanent number 3 after his performance against the Pak.

5. Last but not the least, Sachin is back in full form!

Overall, its great to see India experimenting with the talent at hand. I hope Venu and JP Yadav are given some good exposure to prove themselves as well.

I suspect that if Viru fails to get a big innings soon, he will be tried in the middle order.

Give Ganguly a rest!

There has been plenty of speculation (rightfully so) about Dada’s return for the third ODI. I have been a fan of Ganguly’s captaincy, but since he is not coming back as captain and there is so much of talent to choose from (among other reasons), I think he should be given a rest. It would be really sad if the selectors dump one of the youngsters (Venu, Raina, Gambhir) to bring Dada back.

Dravid has made a terrific start the series –Man of the match, superb innings, win by a biggest margin in a long time. Bringing back Ganguly will limit Dravid’s choices in team selection (I can’t imagine Dravid not having Ganguly in the playing 11) and unnecessarily create tensions. Its a great opportunity for the team under a new captain, and an overbearing but completely in-charge coach to come together to form a winning unit.

The long break has done Sachin a world of good. He was on a roll like the long lost Sachin of yore! Ganguly could certainly benefit by playing some domestic cricket to regain his form. After all he has a tennis elbow problem too! 🙂

What about Kaif? Who gets the boot to make room for him? If you ask me he should be given a rest too and eventually brought in place of Yuvraj if he continues to fail.

Help me recover from the PC monitor power save mode

My PC (Windows 2000 Dell) monitor goes into the Power Save mode (when left idle for a while) and I get the message “Activate using PC”. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get the monitor to come alive again. I tried a bunch of keys and finally had to hard re-start the PC. Anyway around this?

I don’t want to stop the power save mode. I just want a way to bring it back without having to re-start my PC.

MCA XI beat Sri Lanka!

Its great to see a state team pull off a victory against the visitors. Jaysaurya retired hurt and Murali was rested. Nevertheless, hats off to the MCA XI.

V. Mane touted as the next Sachin (can’t remember who said this) came good as did the other youngsters in the team, which is great news.