Give Ganguly a rest!

There has been plenty of speculation (rightfully so) about Dada’s return for the third ODI. I have been a fan of Ganguly’s captaincy, but since he is not coming back as captain and there is so much of talent to choose from (among other reasons), I think he should be given a rest. It would be really sad if the selectors dump one of the youngsters (Venu, Raina, Gambhir) to bring Dada back.

Dravid has made a terrific start the series –Man of the match, superb innings, win by a biggest margin in a long time. Bringing back Ganguly will limit Dravid’s choices in team selection (I can’t imagine Dravid not having Ganguly in the playing 11) and unnecessarily create tensions. Its a great opportunity for the team under a new captain, and an overbearing but completely in-charge coach to come together to form a winning unit.

The long break has done Sachin a world of good. He was on a roll like the long lost Sachin of yore! Ganguly could certainly benefit by playing some domestic cricket to regain his form. After all he has a tennis elbow problem too! 🙂

What about Kaif? Who gets the boot to make room for him? If you ask me he should be given a rest too and eventually brought in place of Yuvraj if he continues to fail.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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