Conversation with my 2 year old

While driving my two year old kid to day care, a typical conversation goes something like this…

Kid: Papa, where we going?
Dad: To school.
Kid: Why?
Dad: Because you can have lots of fun….
Kid: Why Papa?
Dad: You’ll get bored at home
Kid: Why?
Dad: You won’t have anyone to play with at home…
Kid: Why?
Dad: eh.. eh…Because your sister has gone to her school
Kid: Why?
Dad: Because she wants to…
Kid: Why? Why does she wannu
Dad: Because its lots of fun…
Kid: Why?
Dad: She gets to play with her friends…
Kid: But why, Papa?
Dad: Because they all go to the same school…
Kid: Why?
Dad: Welll……its a good school…..Oh! look at that school bus.
Kid: Where, where Papa?
Dad: There, there…
Kid: Okaaay…I saw it.
Dad: Ok, your school is here.
Kid: But why?
Dad: Say Hi to Miss Heather….I gotta go, bye I’ll see you in the evening…

My understanding is that most kids this age act and behave like this. However as they grow older and get influnced by adults like me -(: they loose their persistence and curiosity. Is it just me or something about growing up and adults in general?

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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