The Indian Cricket Committee Meeting: What Really happened?

Jaggu (Dalmiya): Namaste, hello everybody.

Mahendra: Dalmiya-ji! Kya karen itna controversy….

Jaggu interrupting: Mahendra aap zara chup rahiye!….

Venkat: But Dalmiya-Sir Mr. Mahendra is correct, we need to do…..

Shastri: Its a controversy no doubt but……

Jaggu: Ravi, your commentary contract is ok? Sunny, appka PMG, commentary contract vagaira sub teek tak? Any problem?

Sunny: Yes. All fine.

Jaggu: Venkat, aap itna juldi kyoon retire hogaya? Aur do teen saal umpiring karna tha…anyway koi baat nahin. Selection committee ko dissolve kar degene. Phir 3 member selection committe banatein. Venkat upko hum zaroor selector banayenge.

Ok, hum abhi Chappell ko bulayenge. Sunny aur Ravi, tum log usko bol dena ki India me ye email-shemail chalta nahin hai. Aisa bukwas hum ko nahin pasand hai. Kuch bolna hai tho meeting me karna chahiye.

Aur uske baad hum Ganguly ko bulayenge. Mahendra tum chup raina. Kuch bolne ka nahin hai.
Venkat, please tell Ganguly that he needs to perform better and learn to work with Chappell. Tell the same thing to Chappell.

Both are brought in one after another and asked to spill their guts. Dalmiya interrupts both with abrupt Thank yous.

Jaggu then turns to Mahendra and hands him a small sheet of paper, “Please read this. Jo isme likha hai, seedha press ko bol dena”. Aur Sunny, Ravi, ek, do din ke baad tum log bhi press ko yehi baat bol de na, which I know you will do very well. But please, please train this guy Mahendra.. before he talks to the press about this issue……aur Venkat, don’t worry, aap ka selector post guranteed.

Then Jaggu says “Ok Meeting over. Thank you everybody”.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “The Indian Cricket Committee Meeting: What Really happened?”

  1. My sources tell me that this is exactly what happened in the meeting. In case you’re doubting the authenticity of my sources, I shall not reveal them. Suffice it to say that they were present in the meeting. Rumors that they were disguised as waiters bringing in chai and biscuits can neither be confirmed or denied. – Prasad


  2. Actually, someone overheard this when Venkat was having chai with Bharath Reddy (remember him?) in a restaurant in Chennai. He did say his Hindi was bad and this was what he understood! šŸ™‚


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