It’s the Browser war again? I hope not.

The infamous Netscape vs IE battle ended with Microsoft destroying both Netscape and its browser. Just when you thought the browser battles were behind us, comes Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Its really well designed and has a pleasing interface. Besides it has several powerful features, my favorite one being the “tabs” feature. I am one of those crazy web users who is always willing to experiment with the latest and greatest in Internet technology. I don’t mean to take away any credit from the developers of the Firefox browser, its an excellent product, no doubt. But sometimes I can’t help wonder, why bother with another browser?

Microsoft makes most of its money from MS-Office and its continuing to grow by the minute. Just look at Powerpoint, everyone from teachers, Prof, trainers, business professionals (of course!), now school kids (yes!), politicians, and lawyers, can’t seem to live without it! Instead of re-starting the browser wars, the anti-Microsoft world will serve its cause much better if it simply came together to try and develop an alternative to the ubiquitous MS-Office. By this I don’t mean just another MS-Office clone (Star what?). Instead I mean, something fundamentally new, different, easy to use, and does the job of MS-Office and plenty more. Until this happens, its going to be virtually impossible to even make a dent in the MS monopoly. Just when I was writing this a friend sent me a rumor about Google’s potentially upcoming new browser! Maybe they have a browser plus more coming and not just another browser. Given Google’s products to-date (not including the painfully slow Orkut which Google acquired), I think something exciting could be on its way.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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