Mr. Gandhi’s promotion: Much ado about…well, nothing

 The biggest highlight of the Congress party’s “Chintan Shivir” in Jaipur was that Mr. Gandhi was promoted to the post of Vice-President of the Congress party. Why it takes three days of “Chintan” to state the obvious is a mystery. This announcement is as obvious as telling us that the sun rises in the east. Party leaders were at a loss trying to explain to the media how this promotion meant anything at all. After a long rambling defense of the young man, Digvijay Singh compared Mr. Gandhi’s speech to that of his father in the 1980s. Nostalgic perhaps for a bygone era, but completely oblivious of the decades that have passed by in the interim, where the party has squandered every opportunity to reform itself and provide the country a bold new direction.

Mr. Gandhi had nothing of significance to say during the Anna movement, on the various blatant scams of the current government, the Delhi rape issue, to list a few of the many issues of recent times, where he could have added his highly audible voice to the raging debates. His worldview is unknown and he chooses not to comment on most things until well after the fact, if at all. He led the Congress election effort in UP and the party was badly routed. To his credit, he accepted responsibility for the defeat. Thank goodness for small mercies. He never speaks to the media. All his public appearances are carefully choreographed. As a result, Mr. Gandhi remains a mystery to most Indians after close to a decade in the political limelight.

And yet, he earns himself a promotion. In his much touted speech, he addresses issues of accountability, leadership development, our value for position over knowledge, among other challenges. Ironically, if all of these were in place, he wouldn’t find himself in the position he holds today. To add to the irony, sycophants in the party are going gaga over his speech and falling over each other to praise the man.

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Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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