“They” are all in this together

Another day, another scam. Vociferous denials from the ruling side. Obstructionist chest thumping from the Opposition. Parliament comes to a standstill. No debate. The ruling party discreetly plans for an adjournment while trotting out its litany of suave, smiling, smooth talkers on TV to feign innocence and accuse the opposition of preventing a debate.

The Coal-gate scam is a perfect example of how bad the state of our politics is today. What makes this scam unique is that it appears that the UPA, the BJP and several other parties are equally culpable when it comes to corruption. The BJP wants no discussion whatsoever. Their central demand is that the PM should take responsibility for this scam and resign. Clearly, the BJP is caught in a “pot calling the kettle black” predicament and any attempt to allow a discussion in Parliament is sure to leave them as exposed as the UPA. It would be prudent not to “paint all parties with a broad brush” but sadly there is little to choose from among these parties. The coal scam confirms that no party was in favor of an auction. Why bother with an auction when you can dole out the country’s resources to your friends in the business world?

What is the punishment for denying the people of this country an open debate on this scam? Who is going to investigate this case? How long will it be before justice is delivered? What use is an investigation by the CBI which is directly under the control of the government? When the ruling coalition and the country’s major political opposition are both involved in the country’s largest ever scam, what options are we left with? A special investigative team, perhaps? Don’t you long for the elusive Lokpal which was so deftly scuttled by all our political parties?

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Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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