India’s “Sad Bhavana”

The ruling UPA has more than received its share of brickbats for the complete lack of leadership over the last several months. The dismal handling of the various scams culminating in the inept response to the anti-corruption struggle, championed by Team Anna, has been etched permanently in the UPA-II’s history. Unable to effectively handle its own dreadful corruption woes, the UPA has unleashed the CBI on its enemies, the Reddy brothers of Karnataka and Jagan Reddy of Andhra being the latest targets. This is certainly not to imply that the Reddys are innocent but the timing of these investigations, particularly against Jagan Reddy, is highly questionable. Jagan Reddy appears to have been deliberately targeted after he fell out with the Congress party.

Meanwhile, recent weeks have proven that India’s alternative to the Congress, the BJP, is no pure “Lotus” either. Team Anna approached the BJP, as early as December of last year, with the Jan Lokpal bill at the same time that it approached the ruling UPA. The BJP did absolutely nothing at that time. In fact, it was only on the penultimate day before Anna called off his fast did the BJP formally endorse the three demands in the parliamentary resolution. Many speculate that this move by the BJP was at the behest of the RSS. If the Congress party’s remote control is firmly in Sonia Gandhi’s hands, it appears that the BJP’s remote control is clearly stationed in Nagpur with the RSS.

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Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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