Techie Takes Plunge Into Politics

Ravi Krishna Reddy, formerly bay area based techie has returned to India to take the plunge into politics in India. He is contesting from Jayanagar in Bangalore as an independent candidate. Considering the sorry state of Karnataka politics the entry of some fresh blood can’t do any harm. He has managed to garner some decent press and raise some money, most of it over the internet to support his campaign. As per his bio, he was the former President (2005) of the Kannada Koota of Northern California. If you wish to contribute to his run for office, go here. You can check out some youtube videos of his in Kannada.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

One thought on “Techie Takes Plunge Into Politics”

  1. Ravi Reddy is indeed taking a bold step by plunging into the dirty world of Indian politics and my best wishes are with him. However, I dont see much of a hope for him in that dark side of India. The previous parliamentary elections saw one party of technocrats (forget the name) mainly IITians which contested. There was some good press about them but, in the final analysis, they fared badly. Though it must be said, to their credit, that they did do well in some constituencies (S.Madras for example which has a higher density of educated people). My view is that not much will come of Reddy’s political foray but many such ‘pioneers’ getting into politics may finally force the Indian electorate to slowly tilt in favour of the ‘educated elite’ leading India than the corrupt political parties. The process has begun. Good luck to Ravi.


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