The Tide Takes The Wrong Turn

Obama and ClintonThe victory in Pennsylvania is being hailed by Hillary fans as “turning the tide”. The victory might be a turning of the tide, but unfortunately it is the wrong turn. It is the turn that saw the Clintons resorting to Karl Rove style TV ads. It is the turn that helps spread and re-inforce a slew of myths such as: white working class Americans will not vote for Obama, America is not ready for a black President, Obama can’t win big states and can’t survive the Republican attack machine, to name a few. It is the turn that saw the worst of Senator Clinton on display in her desperate attempt to claim the nomination, the claim that Republicans will throw mud at Obama were he to become the nominee and so anything goes, not withstanding. It is the turn that saw the Clintons and their team cozying up to Fox News, Hannity & Colmess and the like.

Can it get any worse? It certainly looks like it can.

It is obvious that the Republicans love to see Hillary as the candidate because they clearly fear an Obama candidacy. Not to mention that her recent George Bush-like “Obliterate Iran” comment targeted and timed for the Pennsylvania polls (a clear low point in her campaign) helped her win the hearts of many on the Republican side. When confronted with such questions in the past she has been for more restrained by often stating that she “does not want to deal with hypotheticals”. Her recent tactics confirm that the divisive, false propaganda, “Karl Rove style swift boating” isn’t a prerogative of only the Republicans. As this primary campaign drags on those tactics that gave the world eight years of George Bush might soon pale in comparison as the Clintons go all out to win the elusive nomination.

At the moment the Democratic party leadership is aimlessly watching from the sidelines as this primary battle continues and the Republicans enjoy the show to the utmost. The only bad news for the Republicans these days is that John McCain has to try real hard to be in the news. Ironically in an attempt to not be forgotten by the media and the electorate he named his recent tour of small towns as “tour of forgotten cities”.

The cliched mantra of “you snooze, you lose” seems like an apt reminder for the Democratic party elders to get their act together and bring this race to a closure before further damage is inflicted on the party’s chances this November.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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