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If you are a fan of Senator Obama’s speeches, you must have wondered, who his speech writer was. The NY Times did a story on the lead speech writer, a 26-year old (!!), Mr. Jon Favreau. Very impressive indeed. This is just one more sign that an Obama Presidency is bound to bring hordes of young, talented people to the forefront of American politics.

But for now, Obama has to win South Carolina, convince John Edwards to quit and endorse him, and beef up his chances for super Tuesday in the big states. As of now, this seems like an uphill battle!

Check out one of Obama’s recent speeches. Notice how he starts of slowly and gathers steam as he progresses.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Speech Writer”

  1. The Hillary camp has privately conceded South Carolina to Obama; she is now campaiging in other states. A win in SC is already factored into Obama’s stock price. Obama’s stock will go up only if he beats by a massive margin (somehow feels appropriate to discuss the contest in wall street terms!). Hillary is coming across as a better debate performer and ruthless fighter. Obama needs to step up his game a bit, be sharper, show more toughness with humor and high principle. Just complaining that “it’s simply not true, etc.” seems weak. Many are starting to think that he might be run over by the McCain / Republican machine, what with “the surge” now making a difference. I think Obama will win SC but still needs a miracle to win on 05 Feb.


  2. After what happened in NH, I don’t entirely trust the polls. Will have to wait and see until the results. If Hillary wins the nomination, then McCain stands a very good chance (assuming he is the Republican nominee). On the other hand, McCain-Obama would be a good fight — the youth factor will give Obama a huge “surge” which is hard to measure at this stage.


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