Sehwag Gets Another Free Pass

The Indian selectors recalled Virender Sehwag despite not being among the 24 probables for the Australian tour. It is a shame that Askash Chopra, the other opener among the 24 probables was quietly ignored. Why have a probables list if you intend to go outside the list? What sense does Aakash Chopra make of this?
There might be no substitute for Sehwag’s class. But it is impossible to argue with statistics. If you go by his recent record, once again, Virendar Sehwag has done nothing to warrant a recall. He has been struggling even at the Ranji trophy level. In contrast, Rahul Dravid when dropped on the pretext of form, simply walked out and scored a double century in his first Ranji match and followed that up with another century. Surely, form has to play a part when being picked for the team?

Sehwag has been in dismal form for years. He has shown no sign of recovering his touch. Despite this it is surprising that former players continue to back him despite his repeated failures. The good news is that he is unlikely to make the playing eleven given the glut of in-form batsmen in the team.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

4 thoughts on “Sehwag Gets Another Free Pass”

  1. A good picture there! The guy seems to have a lot of luck accompanying him. He has reserved a bench ticket for the boxing day test. Hope that continues for the rest of the tour. On merit, he shouldnt have been picked. Poor Gambhir…


  2. Gambhir is injured btw. Aakash Chopra was in the probables as the backup opener and he didn’t make it. This makes a complete mockery of the probables concept.The backing that Sehwag has from former players is consistent. Perhaps the senior players in the team feel the same about him. That can be the only explanation for his recall. His recent performances have been so poor even at the domestic level. Form has to count for something…oh,well.


  3. Hang on, hang on! Selectors said Gambhir is injured, and was not considered. But this guy has been playing Ranji trophy elite group match for Delhi against Tamil Nadu from Dec 25 to 28 at Chennai. He made 84 in the first innings and 40 in the second. And what’s more; with the help of those innings, Delhi are into the elite semis! 🙂


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