Kerala Roads: A Complete Disaster

The roads all across Kerala are in a disgraceful state. Most Keralites will admit that the roads have never been as bad ever in their lifetime. Thankfully the Kerala High court has intervened and some celebrities have started to speak out on the issue.

It is true that the rains have been heavier than usual this year. But rains in Kerala is not new. It about time a long term solution is arrived at. Kerala has been governed alternately by the LDF and the UDF for years. The roads have always been equally bad (or good!) no matter who is in power. The current crisis requires a non-partisan commitment from all parties to make fixing the roads a priority. The present state has adversely affected normal life all across the state. Given the condition of the roads, autos and taxi refuse to travel depending on the state of the roads. Driving time has more than doubled. Deaths due to accidents have been on the rise, many of which have been caused when drivers have tried to avoid dangerous potholes. The road leading to the Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum (Kerala’s capital city), is a prime example. A patient traveling to the hospital on this road should be lucky to survive the drive!

Ironically, Kerala CM has been courting IT companies in Bangalore to setup shop in his state. Interestingly enough, he went over to Bangalore to make the pitch rather than have them visit the state. A smart move considering the state of the roads!

After my travel in Kerala, I did stop over at Dubai for a couple of days. The roads there are as good as the best in the world. Incidentally, a large number of laborers who help lay these roads in Dubai are expatriates from Kerala!

I didn’t have a camera when traveling through Kerala unfortunately, but found another blog with pictures.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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