Pakistan: Messy At 60!

Musharraf can’t bring back Nawaz Shariff, his old boss whom he fired from office. But the courts think Mr. Shariff should be back in the country. Ms. Bhutto can’t become PM by law because she has had two turns at the job already. Musharraf can’t be President and Army chief according to the Supreme court. So he is being forced to dunk his uniform. Musharraf wants to be President but if he can’t, he wants to Army chief. No matter what, he wants to be in power. Ms. Bhutto wants to get back into action in some form or shape. But she first has to dodge hordes of corruption charges (among others) off her back. Given its endless war on terror, the US loves to keep Musharraf in office but can’t completely ignore the wishes of the Pakistani population. And then, there are all the fundamentalists groups, and of course Bin Laden and his followers, the spill over from Afghanistan, and the constant tension with India. It just seems like a situation that is getting worse by the day (btw, there are optimists even in this hour of crisis!).

After 60 years of so-called independence, its time Pakistan sought independence from what it has become during this time. A fresh start minus the current key players might be the best place to begin. Highly unrealistic and far-fetched, yet a grass roots movement to achieve this objective seems to be the only hope for Pakistan.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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