5 thoughts on “Cheney in 1994 on Iraq”

  1. Confirms that he knew the consequences of an Iraq invasion. Unfortunately, he can never admit a mistake. He’d probably say “I knew what I was doing so its not a mistake!”


  2. So here was the deal1)While no American is worth Saddam’s life, 5000 American lives are worth 40% of all known world’s Oil reserves under Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Iraqi instability ( and Iranian needling ) will keep US soldiers in Iraq and Saudi Arabia even till Cheney’s grandchildren grow up ( wonder how his Lesbian daughters will have them – that is a separate debate )2)To achieve that already 1) mega bases in Iraq being built 2) an embassy larger than the vatican 3) a government in Baghdad that exists at the whims of some under-secratary in Washington.Barrack or Billary – no one will ever give up the above advantages.


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