Subhash Chandra – India’s Kerry Packer

The Zee TV folks have jumped into try and accomplish what BCCI has failed to do — unearth India’s cricketing talent. Its a great move provided the Zee folks can make peace with the BCCI and not be seen as a threat to BCCI. On the other hand, it is one more step in the direction of complete commercialisation of the game of cricket.

There is so much money in the game of cricket today in India that this move is not in the least bit surprising. The BCCI is the richest Cricket Board, the sponsors are always lining up to throw money, bulk of the revenue from World Cricket comes from India, yet India can’t make it to the top 8 in World Cricket! For an aspiring super power, this is a perfect slap in the face. A classic example of inability to deliver despite all the available resources.

Enter Subhash Chandra and his Zee brand with the Indian Cricket League. A bold step to emulate what Kerry Packer and Channel 9 did to World Cricket in the late 70s. The next several months should be interesting. Perhaps the aftermath of the World Cup defeat might soon be brushed aside in light of Zee’s new and evolving India Cricket League.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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