Bob Woolmer Case: The Delay Sounds Fishy

The Jamaican police have confirmed their findings that the murderer(s) are not locals. They have also said that it appears as though Woolmer knew his murderers because there is no sign of any struggle. That leaves visitors to the island as the prime suspects. A small island like Jamaica does not have data on those coming and leaving the island during a short span of a few days? The Hotel guests during those few days didn’t lead to any clues? The closed circuit TVs were not good enough? Scotland yard imports can’t help solve the case? Given all these pieces of information it appears really strange that the police has not been able to make any arrests of possible suspects.

Is it possible that the ICC and the Jamaicans are deliberately delaying the announcement of any of its findings? After all it is bad for the island and for the game of cricket. There are already some calls for an premature end to the World Cup. Its sad and shameful that Bob Woolmer was murdered. Its worse that the police are unable to make any headway.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

3 thoughts on “Bob Woolmer Case: The Delay Sounds Fishy”

  1. Probably the DNA tests have to be sent out of the country, or is there a lab that can do DNA work in Jamaica, and how long does that take anyway?If they are to make a case, then the fingerprint and DNA evidence, plus recognition on the security cams around the possible time of the murder would be the prime elements in building a case. Surely this would take time.


  2. I suspect that the Mark Shields fellow is just stringing it along as a murder to get air-time and publicity. Prasad


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