Aussie Players Dash for The Exit

First it was Damien Martyn, then McGrath and Warne and now Langer. Is Hayden listening? 🙂
The best part about Aussie cricket is that there are plenty of new comers waiting to replace these stars. Warne and McGrath (particularly Warne) are likely to be missed the most. The Aussie bowling will certainly go through an adjustment phase. Its interesting to see how Aussie cricket works. A bunch of old timers criticize the team for being “too old”, Captain Ponting steps up and rubbishes those allegations, then the team of old guys thrash Eng and regain the Ashes and then a whole bunch of so-called “old guys” head for the exit and turn in their retirements. A true “win-win” for all parties involved.

Unlike in India where there is so much of glamor and accompanying endorsements that come with success in the game, the Aussies are much more rooted in reality. They play as long as they can justify their presence in the team and if they are having fun. If either of these were not the case you can bet an Aussie Test player will quit. This is not new and has been the case with Aussie cricket for a long time.

Can’t remember the last time since Sunil Gavaskar that an Indian cricketer quit the Test scene in style while still in the playing 11. Can you?

Any guesses on which Indian cricketer might quit in style? (My guess: Rahul Dravid).

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

One thought on “Aussie Players Dash for The Exit”

  1. I agree with you. I think Dravid will be the one to quit “at the right time”. Sadly, it looks like the great Tendulkar may have stayed on too long. Its hard to see him struggle and be mortal. Looking terrific and getting out for 20s and 30s are for the others, not for Tendulkar. It may be best if he quit after the Caribbean world cup. Atleast from one form of the game. However, I think his agent and his sponsors may try to prevent him from doing this. It’s the right time for Tendulkar and Ganguly to retire. For Dada, it’s been time for a while now. Prasad


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