Ashes: Have Some Mercy on England!

Lets face it. The Australian cricket Test team is the best in the world. At present, they are unbeatable. Any team playing Australia at home is likely to face a similar fate as England. So why single out the English team for criticism? The same English team did a lot better in India and Pak for instance.

The last Ashes was a different story, because things fell into place for England while Australia was struggling. Its a different story today. All the Aussie batsmen and bowlers are in top form. Besides, of course they have the home advantage.

The best hope is for opposing teams to wait until Warne and McGrath are out of the way with their impending retirements. The Aussie bowling attack will have to go through an adjustment phase, though they have plenty of bench strength in Stuart Clark, Watson, Johnson, and Bracken etc. That would be a time when it is possible to at least put up a fight against the Aussie team. Until then, the best teams can do is try and avoid a whitewash. England for sure seem to be certain of one at this point, not because England is any worse than other teams. Its just that England is presently in the Aussie firing line and the Aussies are just too good!

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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