Cricket: Team Composition Failed India

India put up an insufficient score and was severely handicapped by two of its main bowlers (RP, Pathan) failing miserably.

  • Firstly, its a shame that India went into this tournament without Sreesanth. The sooner Pathan is replaced the better. His bowling is an embarrassment. Defending a small total, India’s opening bowler starts off with 20+ runs in the first two overs! His batting is unlikely to survive the Aussie attack and his bowling has been consistently unpredictable. Its best to drop him for the next match at a minimum.
  • The other selection mystery is the preference for Raina ahead of Kaif or Mongia.
  • As for Viru, the man badly deserves to be dropped. It’s hard to understand why the likes of Shastri continue to praise him to the skies. His success in ODI ever since the last world cup has been dismal. When the likes of Hayden can be dropped its hard to understand why the Indian selectors persist with Viru for so long.
  • The other descision that backfired was the one to drop Powar. He has been in good form and has a decent record in ODIs lately. The wet ball theory for dropping him was a huge mis-calculation. With a small total to defend, his wicket taking abilities could have made a huge difference.

Given the strength of the Aussie team, India chances are probably over with this defeat to the WI. In any case, there appear to be way too many issues with the team starting with the selection. If the Indian think tank wakes up and smells the coffee, they should bring in Powar, Mongia and Kaif in place of RP, Pathan, and Raina. Unfortunately, there is no Uthappa or Gambhir in the 14 to replace Viru.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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