ICC Champions Trophy: Lousy Schedule

The BCCI schedule for the Champons trophy is ridiculous to say the least. India has a 10-day gap after its first match! Most teams have long needless gaps between games. The matches are unneccessarily “spaced out” to drag the tournament over so many weeks.

All matches have been divied up between the West (Sharad Pawar), Central (Lalit Modi) and North Zone (IS Bindra), despite the fact that there are so many venues in the country. The BCCI politics has not changed, its only that the power blocks have new players!

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

5 thoughts on “ICC Champions Trophy: Lousy Schedule”

  1. BCCI has nothing to do with the schedule or venues. The ICC Champions Trophy, as the name suggests, is an event owned and organized by ICC. So any blame should go to them, not to BCCI.


  2. Pran, no BCCI didn’t select the venues either. ICC wanted only “clean” venues (due to their ambush marketing clause etc), but since most major venues in India already have their own sponsorship contracts, they were deemed unsuitable by ICC. Hence no matches in Eden Gardens, Wankhede, Chennai, Bangalore etc.


  3. Interesting. Pardon my ignorance! You certainly seem to be more aware of the inside details! I have not seen any of this discused in the press. Perhaps I missed it.


  4. Perhaps you missed it. It was covered quite a bit in the media. Here is one report I found with quick googling. Basically, point is, just because the tournament is happening in India, most people assume that bcci is running it. Which is not the case. In fact, bcci wanted this tournament cancelled because they thought it unnecessarily eats into the lucrative time of Diwali/Eid during which they can host their own series making money for themselves, rather than for ICC.


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