Azhar: BCCI making peace?

Its great to see the BCCI making peace with Azhar and most importantly standing up to Speed with regard to the whole issue. Personally, I think Azhar has been unfairly treated. Despite the fact that it seems pretty obvious that many more stars were involved in the scandal, Azhar in particular has been made a scape goat. Its time to bury the hatchet and let Azhar get on with his life.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Azhar: BCCI making peace?”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding, Pran! Azhar fixed matches. That is quite serious an unethical act, if not a crime. If BCCI and ICC don’t ban the guy, that’s silly. If you don’t, the message you send out to the others (including the young cricketers) is that it is okay to cheat as long as you bat/bowl/field well and share the loot with others. Even if Warne and the others are not getting similar treatment, shouldn’t the BCCI treat fairly the cases that are under their control? Regards, Prasad


  2. I strongly disagree with what you are saying. Since this is a serious matter the same rules must apply to all countries. It should not be left to individual boards. Secondly, why pick on Azhar? Why was the Kapil let alone when videos of Sidhu referring to him as “chacha pachees lakh!” are available from the infamous Manoj Prabhakar’s videos? Sunil Gavaskar had cash stashed away in his locker? Did anything come of that investigation? In the early 80s Gavaskar scored a duck in both innings in a Calcutta test against WI. There were strong rumors at that time that he was paid for this. In short, match fixing in India has a lot more players than Azhar. Its unfair to single him out. I am not defending match fixing in anyway. As for the msg to the younger generation. I wouldn’t worry about that. Its hard to earn a permanent place in the team these days. If one does achieve that, there is much money to be made without the need for fixing.


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