Hats off to Dalmiya!

Dalmiya has survived the biggest challenge in his career and managed to hold on to CAB. He has even managed to create a temporary rift in the CPM!

You have to hand it to him. Clearly, he is down but not out. He refers to Ganguly as a “bacchha” in true filmy style. The guy might be corrupt but he definitely did a super job of expanding cricket, raising huge sponsorship, and filling up the coffers while he was head of the ICC. The current crop of BCCI officials are obviously out to nail him for good. It should be interesting to see how he fights back.

ODI, Tests, 20-20s and …

There was a big fear at one time (some of it still exists) that ODIs will hasten the demise of Test cricket. The truth is that the “slam-bam” mindset of ODIs has quietly crept into Test cricket. Just look at recent Test matches where teams are unable to survive even a single day. India, Pak, West Indies, England — most teams have crumbled to defeat in less than a day. Has batting on the last two days of a Test become any more difficult than in the Gavaskar days? Has bowling drasticaly improved? I certainly don’t think so.

Thanks to ODIs, batsmen these days, for the most part (barring the occisional Dravids) are incapable of playing to save a Test. To give it a positive spin, ODIs have ensured that most Test matches produce results. With 20-20s gathering steam, soon teams will not survive 50 overs. That’s the crossover point when baseball and cricket will come together for a grand World Series in 2030. 🙂

Dean Jones: What was he thinking?

Dean Jones comment is deplorable. What was he thinking referring to a Amla as a terrorist?

Dean is an excellent commentator and his analysis of the game has always been very insightful. But saying this on air is simply unpardonable. From the report it sounds like it was a private comment and not meant to be aired. In which case, he goofed big time and got what he deserved.