Nasser Hussain: Very Insightful

Check out Nasser Hussain’s analysis of the captaincy, captian-coach relationship and England’s captaincy issue. If you have heard Nasser’s commentary I am sure you’ll agree that he is one of the best minds in the game today.

Brilliant analysis overall and very insightful indeed!

However, I disagree with his comment about Strauss. Firstly, Strauss hasn’t been tested a whole lot on the job. His batting consistency has been very impressive thus far and is sure of a place in the team on his own merit. Besides, one could argue that Flintoff is too critical to the team to shoulder the additional responsibility of captaincy.

Nasser also finds fault with Strauss’ demeanor. Personally, I don’t think captains should fit a certain profile. They can come in various forms and many grow on the job (read Shastri’s (another astute thinker of the game) comments on Dravid. Mike Brearley always fielded in slips and did not have an imposing presence from what I recall.

Strauss in-charge with Flintoff in the team might just re-create the Brearley-Botham kinda magic!

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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