Pak-Hair scandal

Here are my top 10 thoughts on the recent scandal involving the Pak cricket team and Australian umpire Darrell Hair.

  1. Darrell Hair thinks he is bigger than the game of cricket and the cricketers. He has been trying to throw his weight around for too long and deserves to be cut down to size.
  2. Darrell Hair could have at least discussed the issue with Inzy before changing the ball or granting the 5 penalty runs. He was obviously trying to act like he was the “boss”.
  3. Mike Proctor should have summoned the captains and the umpires and addressed the issue during the break to avoid all the unneccassary drama. He should be docked a few matches for being so spinless and not taking charge of the situation.
  4. Darrell Hair must explain his decision and provide the proof. If its valid and substantiated, Inzy and co. should pay the price. If not, Hair must face serious consequences.
  5. If Hair’s claim is not substantiated Bill Doctrove must be docked a few matches for being a tagging along with Hair in all his showmanship.
  6. Ranatunga deserves credit for his comments on the issue. Most sensible of all I have read so far.
  7. It will be useful to know if Duncan Fletcher had lodged a complaint with the Procter when he met him the morning of the eventful day.
  8. The ICC must take complaints seriously and act on them unlike they have done in past to avoid such events in the future.
  9. It is imperative that the ICC take steps to ensure that similar events don’t occur again (either by instituting serious penalties or some other means).
  10. Lastly, the Indian Board should shut up till the events play out and those who are throwing around charges of racism must cool their jets.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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