Fourth Test: WI Vs India

Man, I’m relieved this boring series is coming to an end! In the midst of all the world cup soccer excitement, the current series in WI is such a bore!

The Indian team simply lacks the kind of professional approach that is need to win consistently. This effort is identical to India’s failed run chase against England. Once again, India blew it!. Having a talented team isn’t simply good enough. Unless the team can come together and work towards a common goal of winning, the talent is simply wasted.

  • Missing Dada? I must admit that purely from an attitude and approach point of view the team does miss the hey days of Ganguly. (please, I am not advocating his return!). It will nice to witness the passion and aggression that he brought to the team (without his actual presence in the team!)
  • Sunny Days? Rahul Dravid shows shades of Sunny Gavaskar’s captaincy style. “Make sure you don’t loose before attempting to win” seems to be his mantra in Tests. Way too much time and effort is spent in trying to ensure that India does not lose, that there simply isn’t enough time to win! Perhaps this has a lot to do with recent Test defeats against England and Pakistan. Unlike the current team, Gavaskar had relatively less talent to work with. So one could partly justify his approach to captaincy. In Dravid’s case, the team has plenty of talent (esp. in the batting Dept.).

For the second time in the recent past he has failed to inspire these talented blokes to swing a victory for India on the last day. The decision to send Dhoni in late was unimanginative and outright “gutless”. Dhoni should have walked in at the fall of the first or second wicket, followed by Yuvraj. If all these folks had failed Dravid and the rest could have easily parked their backsides on that dead wicket to draw the Test. If they couldn’t do that they deserve to lose. Oh well…

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Fourth Test: WI Vs India”

  1. What, no comment on the first series victory in the west indies in 35 years?! :-)Prasad


  2. Still recovering from the shock after 35 years! :-)I would have liked to say, India hasn’t won a series abroad since I was born! But I guess not… 🙂


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