India’s Test Team to WI

The Indian selectors once again did a better job than they have done in the past of selecting the Indian Test team. VRV Singh and Raina got the nod mostly on the basis of future potential while Powar’s call to the Test team was certainly due. Agarakar’s inclusion in the team has always been a mystery. It nice to see the selectors finally looking beyond Agarakar (though it won’t be surprising if he makes a mysterious comeback in the next series!). Dinesh Karthick’s inclusion is bit of a mystery too. With just three Tests, its unlikely that he will make the team, barring an injury to Dhoni. Then, why bother?

Sachin will no doubt be missed. The one to benefit the most from his absence is VVS Laxman. He was dumped from the Test against England (quite unfairly one could argue) to include Yuvraj and a fifth bowler. This is his golden opportunity to set the record straight that when it comes to Tests he deserves a slot ahead of Yuvi and Kaif and should never be traded in to make way for a fifth bowler. If he doesn’t goofup in the first couple of Tests he is likely to play all the Tests. He should grab this opportunity to cement his position in the Test team. Else he might find himself out of the Test side fairly quickly like he did from the ODI team. Unfortunate, given his talent and his record (especially against the mighty Aussies), but the truth is that there is plenty of talent waiting on the sidelines.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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