Graduation Speech: Cheney’s humor, McCain booed

Cheney-Rumsfeld: Long time buddies

Check out this article about Cheney’s recent speech at LSU (graduation ceremony). It just confirms that its virtually impossible for Rumsfeld be dumped as long as Cheney is around. Nice to read that Cheney at least has a sense of humor. Haven’t come across anything to this effect since the start of this administration.

Senator McCain: Kissing up to the Conservatives

Senator McCain was booed at his speech in at NY’s New School. It is understandable given that he has lately been busy playing politics to gear up for his Presidential bid. Despite being a war veteran with the image of “straight shooter” he has been actively supporting the war in Iraq. Hats off to the students for their bold speeches. It take plenty of guts and conviction!

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Graduation Speech: Cheney’s humor, McCain booed”

  1. guts? is that what the left calls heckling? the man they booed remained in a prisoner of war camp and a victim of torture by choice, because he wouldn’t leave before his comrades were released. but a bunch of self-important,pampered children who wouldn’t travel further north than Chelsea for fear they might encounter a human being who thinks differently than they do call him names and you, you self-deluded twit, think they showed courage


  2. You are a perfect example of someone who can’t afford to encounter a human being who thinks differently.Besides, you could use some guts yourself. Unfortunately, you should have some guts to recognize it! If you learn from those kids you’ll stop posting anonymous messages on this blog and calling me names!


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