Time to kiss Rumsfeld goodbye

President Bush has a golden opportunity to improve his approval ratings. Besides, there are simply too many reasons not to heed the call for Rumsfeld’s ouster.

Troop Levels: Rumsfeld made some gross miscalculations about the troop levels in Iraq, refused to listen to his generals and landed the US in this mess. Its about time someone paid the price for the mess in Iraq.

Approval Ratings: The US electorate rewarded Bush with a second term and is now having to live through a worsening nightmare in Iraq with no change in sight. This is clearly reflected in his approval ratings. This a great opportunity to bump up his approval ratings.

It can’t hurt: Rumsfeld appears to be universally hated. I am yet to hear of anyone besides the President who still stands up for him! Getting rid of him can’t hurt. The war It can only help.
Time for a fresh look at Iraq: The current leadership has certainly failed in Iraq. A fresh look at the situation will certainly help the crisis. It might at least help launch a PR effort to lessen the hatred for the US in general.

Legacy Planning: Lastly, this decision might actually help soften President Bush’s hard-assed image and actually set the stage for perhaps a better legacy than what he appears to be headed for now. Changing the Chief of Staff doesn’t help beyond a certain point. President Bush needs to do more than that. Getting rid of Rumsfeld might be a good start.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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