Run fest at the Wandereres: Time to rethink ODI pitches?

The final ODI between SA and Aus was no doubt an exciting one. It was the same pitch on which India succumbed without even a fight at the last World Cup final. It just shows that with proper planning and execution the 368 on the same ground that the Aussies set for India was not an impossible task.

Hats off the Graeme Smith the “outspoken, bragging, get under the opposition’s skin” captain of SA. Gotta hand it to him. He showed some real spunk. He lead from the front with a fine knock when it most mattered and ensured SA’s greatest ever ODI victory. It just shows that Aus can’t expect the next World Cup to be easy. SA, England, Pak and India are all capable of beating Australia. Will be interesting to see if Warne is brought back into the Aus ODI team.

I think its time cricketing countries made a conscious attempt to balance the matches so bowlers have an equal role to play in the ODIs as the batsmen. Why not prepare tracks on which batting is very difficult? Turning tracks, bouncy wickets etc. Why does it always have to be run fest? Why not a low scoring ODI where runs are extremely difficult to score? This might add some challenges to team compositions. Specialist batsmen might actually have more of a role to play as will specialist bowlers. If the current trend continues in a few years time ODIs will be phased out in favor of 20-20s.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

One thought on “Run fest at the Wandereres: Time to rethink ODI pitches?”

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