India’s Anti-poverty Measures

The Govt. of India appears to be making a concerted effort to address the poor in India. Its a welcome move and certainly looks good on paper. For whatever its worth, its a good start to try and address the challenge of poverty!

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

3 thoughts on “India’s Anti-poverty Measures”

  1. Waste of money! How do you know that the people in need will get their allowance if they don’t get their job? Do *they* know about this program? There are so many such populist programs run by the states but the benefits never reach the poor. Some middle man pockets the differene. It is much much more useful in the longer term to use that same money to build and maintain roads to all these rural areas. While this building and maintaining is happening, employ local people. Help them get their agri-produce out to the markets easily and at a market rate. That will help them more than anything else. This program will do one thing, though – garner rural votes even as the state’s coffers are run dry. Prasad


  2. Unfortunately deep rooted suspicion of Govt and their programs means even well intentioned schemes often come under suspicion. Whatever the Govt. does there is bound to be some level of corruption involved but that doesn’t mean the Govt. must not even try! It could be a genuine attempt to address poverty. Sure roads are being built and there is unemployment being addressed, but I think the intent of this scheme deserves credit. After all its the PM (a decent man) who is driving this initiative. So I am inclined to give it some credibility rather than just brand it as a vote garnering attempt. Putting the Govt. of India in a “Damned if you do, Damned if you Don’t” state!” is not going to help anyone.


  3. all the teps to decrease poverty is stared togather the poor people cannot enjoy these.
    so they always poor and the rich people always rich.this is the main reason of poverty
    by gagan deep9th police dav public school


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