Ganguly-Chappell saga

Enough is enough! I think Saurav Ganguly should go. The performance of the team has been on a sharp decline for the last few years now and someone has to be held accountable. Indian sportsmen with all their sponsorship and media glare, never want to leave the limelight. So chances are Ganguly will never leave until he’s replaced. Its sad to see that Indian cricketers have to be dragged off the stage. Just look at the Australians. Damian Martyn is a classic example. One series slump and he is out the door, possibly never to return and just look at how gracious the guy is. He says he’s hurt and that’s about it, no name calling, no nothing. That’s class. That’s why the Aussies have been consistently good for so long. Having Chappell around will help Indian players imbibe some of that class and professionalism, hopefully.

Ganguly’s time has come in my opinion to take a break from the game and try and fight his way back if he so desires. A professional coach like Chappell has made his comments as an intimate observer of the team over the last few months and its critical that the powers that be (whoever they might be) take his advice seriously. I hope Dalmiya (Jaggubhai) doesn’t play his magic and dump Chappell in favor of Dada (his Calcutta bandhu!). But the party ain’t over yet, wonder whose email is next….

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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