India’s win over NZ: Nothing to get excited about!

NZ rested Shane Bond for the match and that made all the difference. Struggling Indian batsman batted like champions. It was a smart move to rest the star bowler in my opinion. He’ll be fresh and hungry to have another go at the Indian batting.

NZ’s bowling without Bond and Vettori is pretty mediocre. On the other hand, when Bond does the job of putting serious pressure on the batsman from one end, the other bowlers start grabbing wickets from the other despite bein mediocre by themselves. In any case, this victory will give India some much needed confidence going into the finals. It is great that Dhoni played a useful innings to finish up the match for India. The final acceleration is something that India has been badly lacking. The fielding in particular was impressive especially the run outs.

If India win the finals, then all the complaints about Ganguly and co. will be promptly forgotten and Dada will be firmly in control once again.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “India’s win over NZ: Nothing to get excited about!”

  1. I think Fleming did a very smart thing by resting/hiding Bond for the last game. He’ll come back and terrorize the Indian top order in the final. Hopefully, Veeru can take a bite out of him before he gets to the other guys. I know what Dada will do – a few lusty pulls to mid wicket for 20-odd runs and then a topedge to fineleg. I’m still not convinced about this fellow Kaif. He works hard, fields very well but then he’s just not a compelling batsmen. Despite his winning knock I’m not sure he can dominate in a ODI against good attacks.


  2. I think India should stick with Dravid at number 3. He has to park his ass there and see of Bond. The rest of the NZ bowling Indian batsman can handle. I think Kaif is an effective one day player provided he bas up the order. Unfortunately, if he bats up the order it means pushing Dravid down, which makes no sense to me. As for Dada, I hope he does not make runs. I prefer it that way. India has a better chance of winning when he flunks, because when he scores he struggles and uses up a bunch of crucial overs. I’d rather give him his quick fire 20 and kiss him goodbye provide Dravid comes in next and keeps one end up.


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