Saif best actor?

I am sure there has to be a better performance than Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum. I think he acted well in the movie, but I don’t think it was so great that it deserved the national award. Surely, there has to have been a better performance. SRK in Veer Zaara was certainly impressive, if the idea was to pick a commercial cinema. Mommy’s present perhaps? 🙂

Natwest Final: Eng Vs. Aus

Aussie thulped England. When Gilchrist gets going, then all bets are off for the opposition. Gillespie returned to form too. Hayden badly needs a break. In general, I think the Aussies are a better test team than a one-day side. So having won the one-day series don’t be surprised if they make a clean sweep the test series. I don’t think England has the bowling depth to get Australia out twice. I think all this talk about Aussie vulnerability will be a thing of the past, once the Ashes get going. In any case, should be a good series.

NatWest Challenge: Aussies win in style

This match was almost a mirror image of the first match of the Natwest Challenge. The performances where identical:

Collingwood => Brett Lee
Trescothic => Ponting
Vaughan => Martin
Hussey => Flintoff

Fine “leading from the front” knock from Ponting. The now familiar England batting collapse followed by a middle order fight back. Flintoff finally made a big score.

At least we now have a final match to look forward to. I hope its more evenly matched unlike the first two matches where the scores and performances where identical except the roles where reversed.

Lovely Sweets in Fremont

A low key, hole in wall place that serves Indian food (punjabi cuisine) and plenty of “lovely” sweets, this restaurant/sweet shop is worth trying out. The food is good and always freshly cooked. The sweets are exceptional especially the “rasmalai”.

We returned to this restuarant (mostly because its a little out of the way) after a few years and definitely found it worth our while.

NatWest Challenge: Aussies struggling!

Aussie lost their first ODI to England. What a comprehensive defeat! England has done a wonderful job and now have a huge psycological edge after winning the first ODI. The pressure is on the Aussies.

I think Aussies are making a mistake by persisting with the same team match after match. Gillespie needs to be replaced. While Hayden needs a break. Shaun Tait and Katich deserve to be brought in.

Its a pity the new rules had little impact on the match.

Natwest Final: Eng Vs. Aus

Man, what a final! Hats off to England for their fighting performance. Its commendable to see tail-enders fight it out till the very end. (I can’t remember the last time India’s tail-enders accomplished anything even remotely close).

The Aussie’s are still struggling. They no longer look like a champion, unbeatable side. All out under 50 overs for a score of less than 200! Hussey is a great find. I think Katich should be brought in place of Hayden (who hasn’t made a big score in a long time). Gillespie could use a break. He has become the weak link in their bowling attack. Shaun Tait or whoeverelse is on the bench should be given a shot. After the wonderful opening spells from McGrath and Lee, Symonds kept one end tight, but Gillespie was exposed. Ponting’s gamble of going for wickets caused him dearly because his best three (McGrath, Lee and Symonds) had very few overs left and Collingwood and Jones setlled in well by the time Hogg came on. It might have proved better if he had introduced Hogg earlier in the attack promptly after England were reduced to 33 for 5. In a desperate attempt to hit their way out of trouble the England batsmen might have tried to attack Hogg and lost their wickets. I guess Ponting had more faith in his bowling attack to get the needed breakthoughs.

England’s top order is in bad shape. But their bowling looks very strong. Most importantly, they appear to be an inspired, fighting unit just when the Aussie’s seem vulnerable.

It will be very interesting to see the new ICC rules for ODI in action in the three-match Natwest Challenge.

Shalimar in Fremont on weekends

If you plan to eat at Shalimar on Fri, Sat or Sun nights, I suggest you go early or plan for a long wait. Its extremely crowded and I understand that even if you order a take out the wait is pretty long.

In true desi style, the Shalimar folks have no proper process for sign up and table access. Its a free for all. Very often customers get into arguments about who showed up first. At least on one occasion I heard there was serious brawl!

You might find junta standing next to you at the table waiting for you to finish and leave! To avoid/minimize this, see if you can get a table that’s deep inside rather than close to the door.

The food is still very good. The chai is free and so are the onions, chillis, pepper and chutneys.

Bonfante Gardens

Looking for a nice place to visit with your kids on a weekend? You live in the SF Bay area and don’t necessarily want to drive a whole lot? Bonfante Gardens near Gilroy might be your answer. It is just south of San Jose after Morgan Hill. The park has plenty of rides, games, gardens, boat rides, train rides, etc. You can easily spend an entire day there and have lots of fun with the kids. The rides are not high pressure rides and hence perfect for smaller kids.

And finally the best part. The park is not well known. Very few people in the bay area are aware of its existence! The positive of course is that its not very crowded, which makes it an even better place to visit!

Its cheaper to get your tickets online.