Chappell it is…Dada still wields clout

Greg Chappell landed the job of the coach for the Indian cricket. Given that Ganguly was in favor of him, its a sign that Dada is still a force to reckon with behind the scenes in Indian cricket. I just hope Chappell can influence the selection to a point where India is not simply re-cycling the same superstars from match to match (only to end up with the current pathetic world ODI ranking). He managed to convince the committee that he is the best choice for the job. Its time now for him to convince the Indian cricket crazy public that the committee made the right choice.

Personally, I am glad its not an Indian coach. In case you haven’t been following Jimmy Amarnath took 2 hours to complete his allotted 45 min interview thanks to computer trouble. He brought along a relative to help with the computer. Just one more reason our former stars might not be good fits for job in this day and age of technology driven analysis and strategy.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Chappell it is…Dada still wields clout”

  1. Personally I was hoping for Moody to be Coach. I went through Chappell’s website ( and thought it was a lot of fluff thrown around cricket related biomechanics. His coaching record with South Australia also wasn’t that great. I hope for India’s sake (and for world cricket’s sake) that he manages to change things for the Indian side and for Indian infrastructure in general. Best case scenario, India, England and West Indies will come back to challenge Australia’s might. Pakistan has far more talent to do so, but i’d rather it be India, England and the West Indies. The first two because of the money they can bring in, and the latter because of the sheer joy of watching Calypso cricket. – Brotherman


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