Maid in India

Having maids to help at home has been the norm in India, particularly in Indian cities. On my recent visit to India, I realized how much the “maid industry” has grown, diversified and spawned specializations! A friend of mine has 5 maids! One for cooking and cleaning dishes, another for sweeping and washing clothes, another for cleaning the bathroom, fourth for cleaning the car and fifth for pick-up, drop off and babysitting! When some friends suggested that he re-locate to the US, his first reaction was, “Man, we can’t survive without these maids!”.

A minimum of three maids is almost a certainty in most households in major cities. These maids earn upwards of Rs. 1000 per month depending on their role. Most maids service several household everyday. Many of them are well dressed and extremely well to do. All of them are armed with cell phones! And pretty soon some of the high end ones will be driving cars. In short, maids in India is a rapidly growing industry. Its largely overlooked by the mainstream media and hence there is no real hard data to track its growth. With the rapid economic growth in India, the maid industry is bound to grow and more and more village folk are likely to migrate to cities to grab these job opportunities.

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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