An Old Cricket Match Report: A blast from the past

Note: This is an old cricket match report from 1992 contributed by Prasad Saggurti. Back on popular demand! Its a Fri evening, and time for some nostalgia. Pyarae bahiyon, enssooyy!

It was definitely the stuff dreams are made of. Well, maybe Dan wouldn’t actually agree with that, but i’m sure Adam will. Yesterday, SCCC II played UC-Davis at home. Dan “The irritating Man” won the toss and decided to bat. The first ball of the game resulted in a snick which didn’t quit carry to keeper. The second ball was a plumb lbw. From then on, it was a procession. Noman and Adam bowled very well and bowled their 9 overs straight.Noman got 4 wickets and Adam 3. Davis was reeling at 42 for 8and there was talk of sending Rehman and Sam in as the openers. Pran was bowling well but he got nailed by a stright drive which broke his finger and split the skin. Really bad cut. Believe me, I was there. It was not very pretty. So he had to leave and Justin filled in for fielding. Then David started batting very well. He got good support from the other end from Tahir. Those two had a ~70 runs partnership when Shamim finally got Tahir run out for 27. David holed out to Noman at long off for 46 in the next over.

They were all out for 118. If you thought that was bad, you should have seen our batting. I got a creeper which seemed to increase in speed after pitching, in the second over of the innings and was bowled for 2. A coupla overs later, Barinder was lbw to David for 3. Shamim went in next. Shree was batting sensibly leaving all the wide balls until he decided to gofor a drive which he nicked to keeper. It got worse. Shamim and Noman were playing well until Shamim thought he could finish the game in the next five overs. He holed out to deep cover point for 8. Noman and Adam started batting and visionsof a recovery seemed a reality with Noman hitting a six which carried a maximum of 24 inches above the ground. He too got a tad carried away and tried to flick a ball on the middle stump and got bowled for 15. Ram went in and after a coupla overs got bowled, again by Srini, the ball cutting back and Ram playing half-cocked and very half-heartedly.
Adam was in there with Sam. Adam was playing well, taking the singles and hitting the occasional loose balls for more. Sam had afew lusty hits and in between cussing at Dan and at the pitch, the earlier batsmen, the bowling, the phase of the moon and the wicket keeper’s beard, he compiled 10 runs. He then got run out in a most unfortunate manner. Then Rehman went in. He played for a while giving good support to Adam. The score was now close to 60 for 7. Remember we didn’t have Pran and we could only bat 10 people. Adam decided to take matters into his own UCLA-bound hands and started a bit of clobbering in inimitable Pirrie-style. A coupla boundaries and the opening bowlers were back in to grab the wickets. They were seen through. Dan and Bissu had 5 overs betweenthem to get these guys out now. After a few overs and 25 runs, Rahman was bowled by Bissu, an inswinging full toss. Deepak, our replacement for Krish, went in and batted well. Then Adam decided to farm the strike, which was a very good idea at this juncture. The score then moved quickly to 92 before Deepak got bowled by Bissu trying to swing him to leg. He made 5. The score was 92 for 9.
Pran decided to bat one handed, and what a heroic sight it was to see! The man can bat! One hand behind his back to keep the ball from hitting his finger again, stiff bent-at-the-elbow top hand, he defended. He stretched forward, he stayed back, but he was never beaten. Never beaten. Dan bowled fast, Dan bowled slow, Dan even chucked. Nope. Pran was still around, defending away, stoically. Nothing bothering him, not even the regular sledging from Davis’s most uncharismatic captain. Adam on the other end, was playing most excellently. He kept the scoreboard moving. The pair saw Dan and Bissu’s overs through. Then the non-regular bowlers came on. Nothing seemed to bother Adam. He kept taking the singles on the last coupla balls of the over and the occasional 2’s before. Pretty soon, the score was 108. The bowling was changed, but the singles kept coming. And then with the score at 113 for 9 and six more to win, Adam hit a glorious six over long onto pull off a most unlikely victory.
The heroes for us were definitely Adam and Pran, but one cannot forget Noman forhis excellent bowling, Sam, Rehman and Deepak for the determination they showed in providing solid support for Adam in our quest for glory.
Gentlemen, I hereby nominate Adam Pirrie for Man of theMatch for his most excellent all-round display of cricketingskills. Dat Australian! He-a reel gutsy, maan!! Woh ekdumgood cricketeer, yaaaa!!! Dat Adam, he da real Comeback Kid!!

Gentlemen, I hereby nominate Pran Kurup to the SCCC Hall of Fame for his most heroic display of blood and guts. His score may only show up as zero on the scoresheet, but comrades, in the eyes of thosewho watched the game, he tallied more than the rest of the players combined. He shall henceforth be known as Blood’n’Guts. You may rise now, Pran “Blood’n’Guts” Kurup.
It was a great game. It will always be remembered as a game where character triumphed over seemingly insurmountable circumstances. I was reminded of the statement made by the legendary Neville Cardus – “what knows he, who only knows cricket?”. Definitely thestuff legends are made of. definitely.

Ooops. did i get carried away and forget to postthe score-sheet? That’s because i don’t have it with me. But the team scores were:

UC-Davis: 118 all out in 40.2 overs. (Noman 4w, Adam 3w, David 46, Tahir 27)

Santa Clara II: 119 for 9 in 39.3 overs (David 3w, Srini 3w, Adam 61n.o., Pran 0 n.o)

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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  1. Was exciting to read! And the way in which the author wrote the score board in which ur name and score of 0 was written was unique and encouraging.Well done sir!Jimmy Chacko (Baby SCCCian and had to die young) moved to LA 😦


  2. As long as you don’t play it doesn’t really matter whether you are in LA or in the Bay area! Actually, there are a number of match reports stashed away some place on my computer. Prasad’s email, inspired me to fish it out. Now I have found quite a few of them.


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