Middle East Mess Recipe

French President Jacque Chirac recently said:

“Democracy is not a method; it’s a culture, Reform is not imposed from the outside. It is accomplished from the inside.” See the full report report

This is a very sensible comment from the French. I only wish they had pursued this line of argument to oppose the war in Iraq at an earlier date. They have further emphasized that democracy can’t be achieved in the Middle East without solving the Arab-Israeli conflict. Focusing on solving this conflict is the most sensible thing leading world nations can do rather than identifying a target list of rogue nations, axis of evil etc. and going around invading them. Given the mess that has been created in the middle east, thanks to the current US administration, its painful but true that this mess can be fairly easily re-created given the right framework. So here goes…

  • Picture this — you are assigned to maintain law and order in a town where two groups are constantly clashing because of certain differences.
  • Don’t try to address the differences between the groups, instead simply draw up a short list of you favorite violent elements and start beating them up!
  • Then you go around making statements in favor of one of the groups.
  • Imprison a bunch of people and torture and humiliate them. Make sure youtae some pictures
  • And remember when all hell breaks loose, make sure no one takes responsibility, and don’t fire anyone.
  • Lastly, be sure to start a lengthy investigation which will lead no where, of course.
  • Throw in a bit of religion if you care for any and your own “Middle East Mess” is ready.

    Author: Pran Kurup

    Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

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