My Thai Has Some Competition

The My Thai restaurant has a virtual monopoly, especially over the desi crowd in the Fremont area. The food is good and the decor decent, though the service is quite slow. For many years now, My Thai has been a very popular place, frequented largely by the Asian Indian population. We recently discovered another restaurant, comparable on all fronts to My Thai named Simply Thai located in Newark (border of Fremont and Newark, cross street newark Blvd., and Jarvis Avenue). Its been around for just three months, so its unlikely that many have heard about it. Worth visiting for sure!

Fremont Restaurant: Mirchi Cafe & Masala Pizza

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Fremont, check out at Mirichi Cafe. It is located on Fremont Blvd, not far from Lovely Sweets. Its hard to find unless you go looking for it. The food is very good. The food is called “Fusion cuisine” with a good creative mix of Indian, Pakistani and Italian food. You have recordings of old cricket matches if you care that are shown at all times. Its owned by a American-Pakistani couple. We tried the chicken pizza and the veggie wrap. Good stuff!

My Thai Restaurant in Fremont

My Thai Restaurant
34265 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94555
(510) 797-8980

The food here is awesome. Easily the best Thai food in the bay area in my opinion. This restaurant is very very popular among desis. The place is always crowded, even on weekday evenings.

The service is slow. But its worth the wait.

They have a wall of flame. The spice levels in the food can be mild, medium, hot, or fire. Order and complete eating the fire and your picture is immediately taken for the wall of flame.

They are closed on Mon and I think sometime on the weekend, Sun dinner (if I am not mistaken) . As for the prices you are looking at an average of $8 a dish at dinner time.

Pizza Hut sucks, at least the local one does!

I am not a pizza lover. Unfortunately, I sometimes end up eating pizza at work simply because it is convenient, fast and delivered. The closest Pizza Hut to work is at:

1241 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: (650)968-8100

For the third time in a row over a course of about 6 months, I have ended up with an upset stomach after ordering pizza from this store! 😦

On the other hand, I have had much better luck with Little Caesar’s pizza. Very aggressive pricing, yet decent quality. They don’t deliver in most places.

Chinese Restaurants in Mountain View

Two good Chinese restaurants in Mountain View on Castro Street: Hangen Szechuan Restaurant and Hunan Chili. They are very close to each other and are virtual clones of each other. As for downsides: Hangen — The owners wife could use a visit to “charm school”; Hunan Chili: They try to get you to pay in cash, though nowhere does it say that they have a min charge to use the credit card. If you want to get around it, just say “I have no cash”. They’ll then accept your credit card!

If you visit either of these try the Mapo Tofu. If you like spicy food you’ll love this dish.

Lovely Sweets in Fremont

A low key, hole in wall place that serves Indian food (punjabi cuisine) and plenty of “lovely” sweets, this restaurant/sweet shop is worth trying out. The food is good and always freshly cooked. The sweets are exceptional especially the “rasmalai”.

We returned to this restuarant (mostly because its a little out of the way) after a few years and definitely found it worth our while.

Shalimar in Fremont on weekends

If you plan to eat at Shalimar on Fri, Sat or Sun nights, I suggest you go early or plan for a long wait. Its extremely crowded and I understand that even if you order a take out the wait is pretty long.

In true desi style, the Shalimar folks have no proper process for sign up and table access. Its a free for all. Very often customers get into arguments about who showed up first. At least on one occasion I heard there was serious brawl!

You might find junta standing next to you at the table waiting for you to finish and leave! To avoid/minimize this, see if you can get a table that’s deep inside rather than close to the door.

The food is still very good. The chai is free and so are the onions, chillis, pepper and chutneys.