Recent Bomb Blasts in India, Online Reading Habits

Recent Bomb Blasts in India

Interesting article in the WSJ, saying that the Government of India needs to get its act together to handle terrorism, while the Muslim community needs to be forward-looking….

Will the community be forward-looking, eager to seize new economic opportunities, and at peace with a rapidly changing world? Or will it forsake the future for an idealized past, foster a culture of grievance that condones violence, and view globalization as a mortal threat? Depending on the answer, the Bangalore and Ahmedabad bombings are either a passing event or a dark harbinger of things to come.

The more immediate challenge (IMHO), and the biggest fear at this point is retaliation and hence out break of large scale communal violence.

New Reading Habits — Online

I had posted earlier about Internet overdose. Here is an interesting article in the NY Times about how the younger generation of kids is spending a lort of time online but not reading books. Some argue that this is also a form of reading. Interesting pros and cons. The jury is still out on this issue.

“Learning is not to be found on a printout,” David McCullough , the Pulitzer Prize -winning biographer, said in a commencement address at Boston College in May. “It’s not on call at the touch of the finger. Learning is acquired mainly from books, and most readily from great books.”

Young people “aren’t as troubled as some of us older folks are by reading that doesn’t go in a line,” said Rand J. Spiro, a professor of educational psychology at Michigan State University who is studying reading practices on the Internet. “That’s a good thing because the world doesn’t go in a line, and the world isn’t organized into separate compartments or chapters.”

Bumbling McCain, UPA Trust Vote, India-SL first Test, B&B in Delhi

Bumbling McCain?

If you are one of those who thinks that McCain is better prepared to be President to deal with the Iraq war, think again. The other day he referred to an Pakistan Iraq border! This article in the Huffington post rips into McCain big time. Its not surprising that he is backing off from the National media .

Test Cricket? What’s that?

After all the excitement of the T20, the 50-over ODI hardly attracted any crowds in Pakistan. Now Test cricket returns to the scene with an India-Sri-Lanka clash . After the first day the score is at 85 for 2. Gosh, what a contrast. Weather permitting hopefully the remaining days will have something exciting to offer.

UPA Government Survives Trust Vote

The Trust vote in the Indian Parliament was far better than a T20 and a Bollywood thriller combined. The man who stole the show was undoubtedly Lalu Yadav . Interestingly enough there is a Hindi film titled Singh is King due to be released shortly (it has nothing to do with Manmohan’s battles!)

Desi Bread & Breakfast

Interesting article on the rise of B&B in Delhi. According to the article there are 200 of them. The Government is providing tax incentives to cope with the growing demand of visitors to the country.

Amazon S3 chokes, Icahn Enters Yahoo, Dr. Kim Turns full-time Blogger

Outage at Amazon S3

Sounds like Amazon is having trouble coping with its Storage service. While S3 is an attractive proposition in general, the outages like this imply that its best used as a source of redundancy. Besides, their customer support for such services (outside of the traditional is very poor.

Yahoo Makes Peace with Icahn

Yahoo’s decision to cede a few board seats sounds like a temporary truce. Can’t imagine what the board meetings are going be like! But for the moment is appears as though the Yahoo management team is at least making some decisions instead of simply saying "no" to everything coming their way.

Doc takes to full time blogging

Power to Dr. Kim! His site is all about rumors about the Mac and attracts 4.4 M people and 40 million page views a month! The blog 24/7 Wall St. placed MacRumors No. 2 on a list of the “25 most valuable blogs,” right behind Gawker Media and ahead of The Huffington Post,, and TechCrunch.

Gore attempts a JFK, Citizenship Row in France, Obama and Latinos

Al Gore: A Generational Challenge to Repower America

“Today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years”

While such lofty goals are endlessly debatable, Gore deserves credit for continuing to keep the topic of discussion constantly in the public domain.

France Denies Citizenship to 32-year old Muslim Woman

France’s highest administrative court upheld a decision to deny citizenship to Ms. Silmi, 32, on the ground that her “radical” practice of Islam was incompatible with French values like equality of the sexes.

“She has adopted a radical practice of her religion, incompatible with essential values of the French community, particularly the principle of equality of the sexes,” the ruling said. (Click on link to see article)

While freedom of religion is a valid argument against this ruling, this case does raise broader questions about “values of a country” and its implications on what defines “eligibility” for citizenship of a country. Given that there are similar issues in the Netherlands and not to mention constant talk of “Islamic terrorism” among the right in the US, perhaps a discussion at the global level on what constitutes acceptable religious practice (beyond it being a personal choice) might help.

Magazine cover may help Obama with Latino voters

The caricature is not really about race, but patriotism. The subtext is that the Obamas are a couple of flag pins short of being real, full-blooded, God-fearing Americans…..In the throes of the immigration debate, it is U.S.-born Latinos who are often hit with the accusation that they are “Americans in name only.” Mexican-Americans, in particular, are routinely accused of having divided loyalties and having left their hearts south of the border.

While the New Yorker cover has created quite a controversy, the author brings an interesting take on the issue.

New Category: Daily Dose

I had posted earlier about Internet Overdose. Now its time I shared my Daily Dose (of online links) with visitors to this site. This category will list one or more interesting articles/posts that I come across on a daily basis and possibly my thoughts and comments on them. So here is my first installment.

Textbooks on Amazon Kindle

There is talk about Amazon going after the textbook market with a large screen Kindle. In theory it does sound intriguing and would be an interesting change to age old concept of textbooks.Its hard to imagine a world where schools kids are not dragging a bag full of books to class each day. Wonder what implications it will have on used books.

What Next After Harvard

Interesting commentary on Harvard graduates. One graduate has chosen an unconventional path. Inspired by Barack Obama? 🙂