Presidential Election – How about GC holders?

The recent Businessweek had a good article on the Presidntial election and why the process of electing the President has to change. Very well researched, analyzed and written.

I wish they had mentioned about voting rights for green card holders. If green card holders live here for many years and pay taxes like anyone else, it makes sense that they have a right to vote, especially, given that these days the US President can wreck havoc all over the globe.

Museum of Dotcomm era excesses

There is no better place to see first hand how much things have changed since the dotcomm days. I recently visited our ISP’s co-location facility. Man, that place is like a ghost town. A large lobby with just one attendant! If you are not careful you’ll miss him. You get your access approval from him and find your way through several doors and corridors until you get to your servers. Its cold and empty!

I remember the days when the same facility was packed with people and machines. In those days, if you were not careful you could easily mess up the neighboring servers. Today so many cages are empty with no machines whatsoever. There is an eerie silence and emptiness that is almost frightening.

Operation Legacy – The SCCC Veterans Rendezvous

A fledgling but fast going group of Santa Clara Cricket Club Veterans got together yesterday at the Tied House in Mountain View throwing caution to the winds and guzzling eye-brow raising amounts of beer, bringing back memories of the early to mid 90s when Tony & Alba’s, Duke of Edinborough and other joints suffered from acute beer shortage until Krish-bhai flew to Germany for re-fills and fresh supplies.

The SCCC veteran’s coterie included Kiran, Bharat, Prasad, Babu, TR and Pran. Krish and Radha were unable to attend as was Pradeep. It was an extremely warm day, so warm that Bharat-bhai lost his way (very much like old times) and made it to the 5 pm meeting shortly after 6.00 pm. TR braved a meeting with his boss at 5.30 pm and arrived shortly before the end of happy hour. So happy were the rest of the veterans assembled there that they promptly ordered another beer to welcome TR and kiss a painful goodbye to the Happy Hour.

Beer & Apps flowed as the veterans reminisced about old times and simultaneously hatched a plan to form a stealth team to challenge the best of current SCCC-ites. However, there was a clear dilemma — should we stake out our ageing muscles and challenge the best of SCCC or “take it easy” and butt heads against the socials. This issue is still open to debate and will be finalized after subsequent discussions within the impromptu veterans governing council. The current target date is around 10, July subject to availability and fitnesss of the veterans, the oppenents, the grounds etc. The war cry on both sides is clear, “Bring them on!”

As for the news update and other highlights—

  • Bombay is now based in Bangalore. If India can shine, Naidu can be logged out, Govinda and Jayprada can win, sure Bombay can be in Bangalore. The veterans are hoping they can organize a get together when he is here next and absorb some his limitless energy.
  • Bharath-bhai is with a startup in San Bruno. Babu is gearing up to re-join the work force (stay tuned for a more formal announcement regarding this). TR and Prasad are in the semiconductor business as they have been historically. Your truly still has his start-up gig going. Kiran, formerly with Andiamo Networks is now with Cisco. Someone asked if Andiamo Networks got its name from Andy Bechtolsheim 🙂
  • Prasad-bhai said he used to walk four times a day (before the kids came along) and promptly corrected himself to say he used to walk four times a week!

    There were a couple of humorous moments before Kiran and Bhrath-bhai arrived. The veterans who had assembled were anxiously looking at everyone who entered the Tied House to confirm if they were part of the veteran’s coterie. One turned out to be a woman and another an elderly gentleman in his 50s. These mistaken identities were put to bed the moment Kiron strolled out displaying supreme fitness as he grabbed the first pint with the ease of a sharp catch at square leg.

    Prasad-bhai was the first wicket to fall after barely managing a pint, while Babu who survived several close calls on his cell phone until he said “I am on my way!” to the approving nod of the other SCCC veterans, who seem to imply, “Been there, done it!”. TR was open to a carrying his bat into the night given his temporary bachelorhood, but unfortunately he was soon running out of partners, barring an MT correspondent who offered him a polite stroll to the parking lot.

    On popular demand, Morgan Times might have some re-runs in the run up to the battle of “The Men vs. The Boys” provided the archives are still available. Stay tuned…

    p.s: If you are a SCCC veteran and would like re-join the fast growing circuit please contact a veteran nearest you or simply respond on this blog and you’ll be notified of the next rendezvous.

    Sri Lanka’s Muralitharan — Chuck me if you can!

    Its crazy to start accusing Murali of chucking so late in his career, just when he has broken the world record. Why didn’t the ICC take serious action prior to this?

    Personally, I think his bowling action is very very suspect. But again, why wait till a bowler breaks an all time record before making this an issue. Clearly, the Aussies are worried that Warne will not be able to beat Murali’s record no matter what given that Murali still has a lot more cricketing years left. How else do you explain the Australian PM jumping into the fray! Ian Chappel’s recent article on the issue was interesting.

    Dinner at a friend’s place

    Went over with family to a friend’s place for dinner last nite. Had a quiet relaxed evening. My son had a slight fever and went off to sleep a little after we got there. The food was awesome — pure vegetarian gourmet stuff. Had some interesting discussion regarding the “institution of marriage” and how celebreties in India get away with anything and everything.

    ….Dharmendra and Boney Kapoor married leading actresses while still having their first wives around; Javed Akthar-Shabana Azmi never married but have had an ongoing affair; Amitabh-Rekha, apparently still a hot couple; Jayalalitha has a kid but was never married. It was well known and accepted that MGR had a constant new female actress/companion every few years. Sachin Tendulkar married someone much older to him.

    And today I saw some gossip about Aamir Khan Oh well…

    Jagmohan and Mona’s wedding reception

    Last night I attended Jagmohan Singh (junior of mine from IIT KGP) and Mona’s wedding reception along with my wife and kids in San Jose. Met a number of KGP folks from the bay area. The food was excellent. Everyone danced to some jivy Punjabi and Hindi music. We had a wonderful time. We reached the party at around 8.15 pm. When I looked at my watch to find the time it was 11.45 pm and my kids were still awake and having a good time!

    The venue Dolce Hayes Mansion is definitely worth considering for anyone looking for a place to get married or have a reception.

    Movie Review: Autograph

    After a long time, I rented a tamil film from the Indian grocery. I had never heard of the film or for that matter, the actors, music directors and others who had contributed to the film. I just felt like I wanted to see a Tamil film, so I just picked the first one I found! For a moment I was tempted to drop this and pick up a tried and tested Rajnikanth movie. But at the last minute I decided to give the Autograph a shot and I am glad I did.

    The movie was significantly different from most Indian movies I have seen in a long time. The director, Cheran (incidentally, the lead actor and producer of the film as well) clearly has a knack for story telling. It is a simple, yet engaging jouney into the hero’s past beginning with his childhood. His school teachers, his friends, his family, his first crush, his move to Kerala and his love for a local girl which does not materialize, his platonic relationship with another girl after moving out of Kerala, and finally his wedding (an arranged one from the looks of it) along with a handful of songs and one fight sequence to kindle the Tamil pride, make up an engaging movie. Leaving behind a dead mother for two days was a little had to digest, barring which the script, story line and dialogues are very impressive.

    All the actors have done a nice job in their respective roles. The locations in Kerala (Alapuzha) are excellent and the photography does justice to the abundance of natural beauty in the area. The DVD had sub tiles, so anyone who does not understand Tamil should also find it a very enjoyable experience.

    I did some searches on the web and came across a positive review of another earlier film by Cheran.

    It turms out that he bagged the best director filmfare award for this film.