Pyaar ke Side Effects

If you are looking for an easy going light film, Pyaar Ke Side Effects is a good choice. Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat are in the lead. Rahul Bose’s acting, the comedy and the fact that its a simple and fairly believable theme together makes this a worthwhile film. Mallika is minus the usual glamor except for one needless song.

Open with Ganguly

With Ganguly back in the team the next round of speculation over whether he would make it to the playing 11 is just round the corner. If Dravid misses out on the first Test due to injury then Dad’s place in the 11 is guaranteed. On the other hand, if Dravid does play in the 11, India has to make the call of playing both Jaffer and Ganguly or drop one in favor of a bowler/all rounder. Given the flaky form of India’s bowlers it makes sense to play 5 bowlers with Pathan being the all rounder-bowler in the 11. At the same time going into the match with 6 batsman as opposed to seven is a debatable issue considering the dismal failure of India’s batting. The alternative might be to stick with 5 bowlers and open the innings with Dada. If he flunks he should pack his bags for good. If he scores big, hats off to him.

The practice match that’s due to begin tomorrow should give some fresh insight about whom might be close to striking some form!

Robert Gates Hearing: Welcome Change!

Wow! It was kisses all over. Bob Gates Senate Confirmation hearing was a refreshing change. For once you got an insight into the candidate. He spoke candidly and without being evasive. It was a refreshing change to the conventional senate confirmation hearings which are boring and long drawn out and provides little insight. The Republicans were ready for a change after the election debacle while the Dems were happy to have anyone but Rumsfeld.

Bollywood: Better Adaptations

Copying Western films and adapting them to suit the Indian mindset is not new. Three relatively recent films Salaam Namaste (Hugh Grant’s Nine Months), Zinda (Korean film Oldboy) and Taxi 9211 (Changing Lanes) are a few examples of “shameless” Bollywood copies. Interestingly, of these Zinda and Taxi No 9211 appear to be better than the originals. Salaam Namaste was a huge stretch for the Indian audience. So the film makers based the film in Australia and added the usual Indian masala resulting in a film far inferior to the original. Zinda (starring Sanjay Dutt) and Taxi 9211 (starring John Abraham, Nana Patekar) on the other hand are far more watchable.