Intel: Trying times ahead?

Just when Paul Ottelini has taken over the reins at Intel and embarked on corporate makeover lead by a “leap ahead” campaign the company is starting to fall behind.

AMD is kicking Intel’s butt especially in PCs and servers. A couple of years back most people wouldn’t even entertain the idea of buying an AMD processor based PC. But these days its clearly not the case. AMD opteron based machines are now even available from Sun for pretty attractive prices! It will be a long time before AMD can challenge Intel in big way but certainly the early signs of it are visible. This increases Intel’s dependence on growth from new technologies (Viiv and others) to continue its lead. But these technologies are far from proven and includes many new players vying for the digital living room. I suspect the years ahead are going to be tough and crucial for Intel.

Btw, check out Intel’s new website (a clear overload of flash, the marketing guys are going berserk I suspect?). I hear the look and feel of the Intel front office has also changed dramatically!

Top 10 reasons why Bush visited India

10. The Whitehouse computer network was down and Indian engineers are held up without visas, so he had no choice but to go himself.
09. His administration had outsourced phone taping and he wanted to personally listen in on what was going on in the Whitehouse in his absence.
08. Just checking before entrusting the Indians with American ports.
07. Competition from India? “Sure, lemme tak’m on first”
06. He thought the best way for him to feel the loss of American jobs was to meet those having them.
05. He had heard that India had something better than the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.
04. After the Katrina fiasco he wanted to personally interview future FEMA staff.
03. With his term coming to an end in a couple of years he was just headed where the jobs are!
02. With his approval rating at 34% it was time to “cut and run”
01. It was a pre-emptive move after he saw Cheney wiping his gun.

Chappell on Ganguly

No matter what the truth is, I think Chappell must refrain from making statements about the Ganguly issue to the press. The controversy has just shown signs of settling down with Ganguly dropped from both Test and ODIs. His recent comments have unneccsarily re-ignited the issue. I think the BCCI was right to reprimand him for it. Chappell loves to speak his mind, but it doesn’t always help the team to be constantly mired in controversy. Part of being coach is also about being tactful off the field especially in a setting like India were politics is so rampant and fans following is so extreme. He’ll be doing the team a service but shutting his mouth and avoiding further discussion on the issue.

India-Eng: First Test at Nagpur

India are struggling to chase England’s total. Great to see Kaif among the runs. Under pressure the guy has delivered. Hats off to him. For once, Kumble came good with the bat. Wonder if he can find his touch with the ball once again. Its crucial for India that he does.

I think Dravid’s lbw decision was doubtful (50-50). I think the batsman should have got the benefit of the doubt. The rest were out in my opinion. Its annoying to see Sachin not play his normal free stroking game. He unneccessarily tries to play like Dravid does in Test cricket and finally gets out without making a decent score. I don’t think Monty’s delivery to Sachin deserved a wicket. Monty hardly turns the ball. No great flight either. If the Indian batsman quit their unneccesary defensive mindset I think Monty can be thrashed around the park. He is what someone in India would describe as a “juice” bowler. (ie., ideal to be thrashed!).

It should be an interesting day or two of play ahead.

Bankrupt Borg!

It sad to see Bjorn Borg having to dump his trophies. I remember watching this guy on TV win the Wimbledon year after year at ease until one show down with McEnroe. He was an awesome tennis player. Its amazing how some celebrities have it all and then blow everything away.